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Submariner Rolex No Date

Trained in clerical work and record keeping, he left New York in March 1945 and arrived in Europe five days later.


Submariner Rolex No Date

When Hubbard entered the service, he was placed in the office to keep up with the records. Although he was good at reading, writing and math, he struggled with typing.

Submariner Rolex No Date

Submariner Rolex No Date

"It was an experience to see other parts of the country, other parts of the world, and how other folks live; and sometimes when you see how other folks live, you appreciate the conditions you live in," Hubbard said.

He said he has only positive memories of his fellow soldiers.

Australia C. Hubbard

Submariner Rolex No Date

time before it was spread to the larger society."

Derrick was accustomed to the warmer temperatures of East Texas. Okinawa had been hot, but Korea was below freezing, he said.

East Texas reverend memorializes black soldiers in book

While there, Derrick participated in more leadership training and became the squad leader of his unit of about 15 men. He said at that time he was experiencing the beginning of integration in the military.

Submariner Rolex No Date

Submariner Rolex No Date

Submariner Rolex No Date

Atkins said he was intrigued by the black men of the 1940s and 1950s because they paved the way.

"In my unit in my squad, I was the only black, and I was the leader of that squad, but I had no difficulty as far as race relations," he said. "I kind of think it makes a little difference when you are in combat zone."

"There was the (opinion) that the black troops wouldn be successful as soldiers, but it is of course through the accomplishments of troops in World War II and the Korean War, they proved them wrong," he said.

He slept in a tent with about 10 other soldiers and several inches of snow blanketed the ground, he said.

(TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) Longtime Tyler librarian and researcher the Rev. Rodney Lamar Atkins was at a family gathering when a book idea came to him. He had seen a section about African American soldiers in a book about military veterans and recognized many of the names were Smith County families.

"I guess one thing is I guess they probably respected me because again here I always tried to be the best I could, and I had confidence in myself and I guess my men had confidence in me," he said. in June 1953 about a month before a cease fire was signed. Derrick was awarded the Army of Occupation Medal (Japan), Korean Service Medal, Bronze Service Star, and the United Nations Service Medal.

Submariner Rolex No Date

And if he couldn type fast enough, he couldn get a promotion. So the last three days of his training, he stayed in the lab day and night to practice. In that time, he taught himself to type 65 words per minute.

While in Germany, Hubbard unit was responsible for protecting the gas tanks at a railhead. He was a part of a firefighting platoon and he kept track of the records.

When they went out on the water, they were climbing up the side of the ship and learning how to board from the water. When they got on, the next time they got off they were in Korea.

Submariner Rolex No Date

Tyler resident Australia C. Hubbard, 85, served during World War II. Army shortly after that.

so fighting was limited to reconnaissance type missions, although the forces also shelled each other lines with gunfire and mortars, according to some of Derrick autobiographical information.

At the time, the Korean War was winding down, Rolex Datejust Blue Dial 41mm

"We were finishing up Leadership Training School, and we had an order to come back to the base where we were to do amphibious training," said Derrick, who grew up in Gilmer.

Below are the stories of a few African American East Texans who served. Army infantry from 1951 to 1953. After basic training in Fort Ord, Calif., he went to Okinawa, Japan, and Korea. military installations and participated in Leadership Training School. After that he shipped out to Korea, which as he recalls was somewhat of a 2017 Rolex Daytona Gold

"It was a secret to the servicemen themselves, but I think the Navy knew about it more than we did," he said.

"What I discovered as I began to talk Submariner Rolex No Date to my own relatives, I was shocked with how much time we spent with our relatives and still do not know our own history," he said. "I really realized the military forces were really the beginning stages of integration."He said by the late 1950s after the Korean War, most of the military units were integrated, and, "of course, if integration worked in the military, it was only a matter of Rolex Daytona 2017 Stainless Steel

He said the environment was difficult to become used to partly because of the drastically different weather.

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