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McALLEN A warm glow steadily grew Saturday night inside St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church as the congregation carried out its Easter vigil and celebrated the full initiation of 24 youths into the faith.

Rick Gamboa, who attended the vigil with his wife and son, said it is a moment to educate children. His father, Alex Gamboa, is also a deacon at the church.

drifted on the breeze. The youths ranged from ages 1 to 17.

paved the way for us to rise as well someday and that gives us joy," Father Andy Gutierrez said. "As Catholics and as Christians we have that joy of knowing that we have life in Christ."

Dressed in all white, Karla Villarreal, 11, was one of the youths waiting to receive the sacraments. Her aunts, Alejandra Ortiz and Laura Santamaria, said the moment was important to them, so they traveled 12 hours to be at the ceremony.

Easter vigil celebrates Christ's resurrection

Rolex Watches Sale Uk

Rolex Watches Sale Uk

"He actually rose and that's a big deal because that means that he Rolex Ladies Watches Price Uk

Rolex Watches Sale Uk

The Pascal candle's single flame lit the darkened church, but soon the light spread to each candle held by a parishioner.

As the sun set outside, those waiting to be fully initiated Ladies Rolex Watches For Sale Uk

Rolex Watches Sale Uk

Father Gutierrez was set to sing the Pascal proclamation, the church's long and poem like official recognition of Christ's resurrection, he said.

Guevara said those set to receive three sacraments baptism, communion and confirmation would proceed in a procession as the Pascal candle lead the way, akin to the people of Israel's walk in the Bible. New members are baptized Saturday because the sacrament represents the "'passing over' from death in sin to new life in the risen Christ," the diocese said.

Father Alfonso Guevara said the vigil is a time to wait and pray. The initial fire eventually used to light the Pascal candle represents creation, the power of God and Christ, who is "the light of the world," he said.

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Rolex Watches Sale Uk

"That's basically what we want to do with our kids, show them how important it is, what Christ did for us and follow a good Christian family tradition and be good people," he said.

The Catholic Diocese of Brownsville said some 600 people Rio Grande Valley were expected to participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which was also adapted for children. On Saturday, Catholics the world over participated in Easter vigils to keep watch over Jesus Christ's passage from death into life during his resurrection celebrated by Christians today on Easter Sunday.

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"I'm happy they'll have this memory," Villarreal said of participating Saturday.

in the parish on South 23rd Street stood before a fire used to light the Pascal candle while the light smell of smoke Black Rolex Submariner

Rolex Watches Sale Uk

Rolex Watches Sale Uk

"It talks about how Rolex Watches Sale Uk God has saved his people throughout the history of our nation, starting from Genesis the sin of Adam and Eve and then how Christ ultimately saves us," he said. "It's a beautiful kind of run through salvation history."

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