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"One old lady opened her door and let her two horrible dogs out who jumped up on the children. They screamed hysterically and dropped their sweets.

"I don't have a big problem with them going on their own but round our way, they all seem to be with a parent.

"At a time when everything is doom and gloom around you, then why not dress up, let your witch's hair down, and have a bit of fun with your kids?" Cathy and Tony Bramley, of Stapleford have two children Phoebe, Watch Rolex Women

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Hallowe'en is harmless fun in my opinion.

"Isaac goes trick or treating with his dad just around a few streets where we live. He has great fun and we all share lots of sweets on his return.

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"I have taken the two eldest trick or treating, dressed up in suitably scary costumes, but we did only call on people's houses that we knew rather than a random call on an old dear all warm and cosy watching Coronation Street by the fire.

"My view is that there are lots of good things in life we can celebrate, so why celebrate the darker side?

"I don't think it's over hyped at all in fact it's getting better. It might be just a money making event for some places but that isn't how the kids see it. If you take that view then why is it any different from Christmas Day, Mother's Day or Easter?

10 and Isabel, 8.

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"Like anything the big supermarkets can make a few million pounds on, it's over hyped and a money making event. But buy decent quality pumpkin carving tools and masks and put them away safely in a box in the attic until next year and you've got everything lined up for low cost family fun." Louise Holland, of Sherwood, has two children Ellie, 10, and Sam, 6.

"It isn't about celebrating death and ghosts. It's more about dressing up and being silly. My children are both scared easily but they love it.

"But Rolex Submariner Black

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"I have never ever had any damage done to my property through trick or treaters and by 9pm everyone seems to have gone home.

we just have a positive evening without the Hallowe'en costumes and do find it is really popular with a lot of families who want to avoid the other issues." Kathy Chambers, of Long Eaton, has three grown up children and a 9 year old son, Isaac.

"We keep a bag of goodies to give out to any trick or treaters that call at our house. I have a scary mask which I may use to answer the door!

"I also think it's a huge commercial hype for supermarkets and shops. Our church, St Rolex Submariner Black And Blue

"Years ago, though, Rolex Daytona Gold Black we were in Spain and the children decided to go trick or treating around the various ex pat houses.

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"Firstly, when Ellie was young she was absolutely terrified by groups of children out and about in the run up to Hallowe'en dressed up with skulls, monster heads and blood soaked costumes.

"I just love Hallowe'en. I get loads and loads of sweets in and decorate the front room window with flashing lights and spooky things to entice people to come over to my house.

"They really enjoy it and I see no harm in it, they are always accompanied by a parent and it usually turns out to be quite a sociable occasion.

"We even decorate the day nursery where I work with bats, cobwebs and stuff, nothing too scary, and the children do nice pumpkin pictures and learn all about pumpkins." Wendy and Marcus Walker, of Bingham, have two children George, 12, and Freddy, 4.

"I love seeing the little ones all dressed up. Everyone is so polite when I answer the door. It's a real 'get the estate together' thing, I think.

Andrews, has a Night of Light on that evening as an alternative where we have a movie, film and sweets as children do feel they are missing out on treats if you ignore it.

Duncan and Lois Beiley

"The lady, rather than call the dogs off, bumbled around saying "Hmm, let me see what I've got" and eventually came back with three manky oranges. So quite who tricked who, I'm not sure." Paul and Lynda Reddington, of Flintham, have three sons, Jack, 10, Sam, 6, and Harry, 3.

"I don't like the fact people go knocking on doors for money and often will cause trouble if not given anything. I also think it's a nuisance for the elderly and those with young children.

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"My children will be getting maximum value out of their Tesco witches outfits this year a Hallowe'en party at Guides, another at Nanny's allotment and then the big night itself on October 31 when they'll be trick or treating around our local area.

"I think it's often an excuse for people to cause trouble and mess.

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Rolex Daytona Gold Black

"You speak to people on your doorstep that you wouldn't normally speak to. Even when I get a gang of lads banging on the door, they are still polite and just take a sweet and say thank you.

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